Sunday, September 19, 2010

Student Drawings Vol. 10

It’s been a few months since my last post. Summer was great and we are now a few weeks into another school year. The year is going wonderfully so far and I have a nice new batch of student drawings to start the year off.

I asked my students to draw a mathematician on their bell work. These are the most enjoyable results.

Mathematician 2 Mathematician 4

The one on the left seems to have a crack habit. On the right we have a nice wizard. I hope that’s how my students see me.

Mathematician 3

“He fights crime with his meter stick of justice and calculator of crunching, numbers that is.”

  Mathematician 5 Mathematician

First: That moustache is awesome. Second: I want the shirt Harold is wearing.

The next question on their bell work asked them, “When I hear someone say, ‘math is fun!’ I think…” These two students were not so kind.

CROPMath is fun “OOOOK so someone’s a loOoOoOserrr – and probably has no life”

Math is fun 2I can only assume that they were going to continue on to say “awesome people.”

Here are some other random pictures found on bell works and homework.

CROP RandomWas there anything different about the high school than you expected? (I have all freshman so I was curious as to how they thought it would be here)

Random 2

A student who did well on their homework. Nothing wrong with a little self-praise.

 Random 3

I like this doodle. Especially because they spelled my name correctly.

 Random 4 Random

On the left we have a student who is tempting me with delicious treats through their homework. This is a cruel attempt to get me to not win Biggest Loser. On the right we have a standard, creepy clown. Who may or may not be a KISS fan.


Lastly, one thing I have noticed with a lot of the freshman is that their spelling is astounding. (If I misspelled something in this post, don’t be “that guy” and point it out in the comments.)

Mispelled words 2


 Mispelled words 3


 Mispelled words 4embarrass

Mispelled words 5embarrassing

Mispelled words

This one is my favorite just because it reminds me of words like Ye Olde.


And to close on a joke from one of my students.


I look forward to more pictures to post. I have not seen many doodlings in homework or on desks. I’m going to assume that means I have been a super enthralling teacher and my students are never bored. Or because the year has just started.


  1. Love this! Looking forward to this year's batch :) You should wear a wizard hat to school this week.

  2. We've all made this mistake at some point in out lives but it in context it is pretty funny: In the one picture the question was like "when someone says 'math is fun' I think..." and their response was ... "your stupid"