Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Student Drawings Vol. 16

This batch of pictures is pretty random for the most part. I still don’t have a lot of doodlers so some of these are from other teachers. I’ll have one more batch to post at the end of the year and hopefully have more for next year.

photo 1 (9)Very clever drawing that I currently have hanging in my room. I’m hopeful that the half a zombie is Charlie Sheen. He only has one speed: BRAINS!

photo 1 (10) 

Curiosity got the better of me and I had to research what noise llamas make.

photo 1 

I don’t often try/want to figure out what is going on in my students’ heads, but for Christ’s sake, why would you draw a picture of “dirty curry”. What does that even mean?

photo 2 (1) 

While I’m not really a fan of Family Guy anymore, this is a rather great drawing of the crazy monkey. And of Peter Griffin with is ball-chin.

photo 2 (2) 

Some weird clown with the peaks of his hat coming out of the side of his face. And floating eyebrows. And weird cross pupils. Ok, at first, I didn’t think twice about this clown but now it is giving me the creeps.

photo 2 (3) 

False. Bowtie=funny.

True. Vampire fang = not funny.

So it’s a wash.

photo 2 (4) 

I told students I would pick the picture I enjoyed the most. I think I’m putting off the wrong sort of vibe if this student thinks a crackhead-bunny would win me over.

photo 2 (5) 

Oh math jokes. No matter how brilliant a math joke is, it’s still a math joke.

photo 2 (6) 

I asked their favorite shape. Apparently this person is all about triangles because they can be made into cute (and ugly) people. They must not have been paying attention when they saw the Nonagon video full of polygonal people. (And now that song will be stuck in your head all day.)

photo 2 (7)photo 1 (7) 

This board will hurt you head if you think about it too much. First there’s a weird constipated/puke face (pukestipated ©). Secondly, some sort of Mr. Peanut butterfly who is crying and flying and losing his shoes AND with a full head of hair. WTF. And thirdly, a description of a delicious meal written as if it were a poem or lyric but it just doesn’t flow. And that makes me angry. And finally their is a face with blood shot eyes that has an elephant nose. I like art, I like creativity, but this is a bit much.

 photo 1 (8)photo 2 (8)

“Dildo’s are forever”

What bothers me the most is that they made Dildo possessive rather than plural. It should be dildos or dildoes. Regardless of all that, I hope there is a porn out there mocking the James Bond franchise that is titles Dildos are Forever.

photo 1 (1) 

Not that I want this student to stop drawing pictures, but I figured she’d appreciate a little note. And the penguin does look awfully sad.

photo 1 (2) 

I like that the eye is detailed enough to have eyelids and yet the hand is a stick-hand with what appears to only be 3-4 fingers.That’s just lazy.

photo 1 (3) 

This is supposed to be me as Spongebob.

photo 1 (4) 

This makes me think of Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yet again, I’m not sure why this student would think that this picture would win me over.

photo 1 (5) 

This student had the best picture for his class. Mostly because the pretty great drawing of me. I’m so vain, I have a garden that has HAREN spelled out in shrubbery. I guess I should add that one to the dream home bucket list.

photo 1 (6)“I don’t play games, I quit school because there was recess…”

This is a line I regularly say to this class. This student regularly draws me and I ALWAYS have HUGE ears. It’s gotten so bad that I’m almost self conscious about them. And then I realized he sucks at drawing ears. 

photo 2 (9) 

This is a picture a student drew for a circle project I gave them. I thought it was awesome.

photo 2 (10)

Found on the back of a test. The real issue is that the level is not planned out. The path Pac Man is going along is a dead end and there seems to be no other way to get to the rest of the level. I wish students would think ahead sometimes. This is why I weep for the future.

photo 2 

If it was really a ninja, I wouldn’t be able to see it.

photo 3 (2) 

This student won for their class’s best picture. I said it was because the drawing was very accurate of how my classroom looked but I’m starting to think it is just because it features me. And apparently I have a torso that takes up about 80% of my body, a head that is 15% and then itty-bitty legs.

photo 3 (3) 

I actually laughed out loud when I read this. I was only slightly ashamed of that. I told this student they would have won but it isn’t really a picture.

photo 3 (4) 

At first I thought, how clever, a picture made of numbers. Then I thought, who the hell thinks they can ask me questions when I’m the one giving a test. Back off kid.

 photo 3 (6)

Ok, this student is for real. How do you not just “awwwww” when you read that.

photo 3 (7) 

This is a great zombie poem with a great illustration. This student should send this to his local congressman. No more fighting for equal rights or gay rights, zombies understand how the world should be.

photo 3 (8) 

Oddly enough, I didn’t realize until someone pointed it out, that I have never heard the term “hookie” before and yet I knew what this kid was saying. Hopefully this student goes into advertising. Ladies and Gentlemen, the next Don Draper.

photo 3 

When teachers make mistakes like this I die a little inside.

photo 4 (1)

“2001 Shut off”

“13 in a Birds Den”

“12 Dollars of cents”

“3 fries in a yodel”

I know I’m getting older but I find it hard to believe that these are real sayings that this student knows. These just make me think of Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And I actually really like the last phrase, I think I should start using it when students ask me to clarify something.

Student: “Mr. Haren, how much homework do we have tonight?”

Me: “3 fries and a yodel’s worth. It shouldn’t take you long.”

photo 4 (2) 

This picture won me over with the torn open skull and the chewed away lips. This student really gets me.

photo 4 (4)I have this exact poster in my room, ragged tape holding it up and everything. One student said it looked like me but I don’t see the resemblance.

photo 4 (5) 

Now this student knows how ninjas work.

photo 4 (6) 

DO NOT take this guy to dime-a-dog night with you.

photo 4 (7) 

I ordered Like and Dislike stamps from Amazon to stamp papers with. The students love them. They work hard to earn their Like stamp and get real pissed if I accidentally stamp it upside down.

photo 4 (8) 

Blossoming love, you gotta love it. Unless of course its balls. I don’t love balls.

photo 4 

This student should go to the eye doctor. Immediately.

photo 5 (1) 

“8 pimps in the south side”

Yep. That’s probably right. That’s what I would assign to you.

photo 5 (2) 

Again with the huge ears. And my head is caved in on either side. I think I should post some of these pictures around the community to promote funding for our art electives.

photo 5 (3) 

I like the drawing but can’t figure out the name Count Matharclula. It must be the off brand Count.

photo 5 (5) 

This is why you should do your homework.

 photo 5 (7)

And a post just wouldn’t be a post without some sort of sexual drawing. For some reason a student thought it appropriate to draw some sex next to where they put their name. Don’t bother trying to hide it at the end of the test or somewhere it might go overlooked.


That’s all for now. Happy doodling.

(I regretted that immediately after I typed it.)