Sunday, October 10, 2010

Student Drawings Vol. 11

The first quarter of the school year is coming to a close which means I should probably make another post. I have a few funny pictures and some nice journal entries for you this time. Enjoy.

I use the student bathroom 2-3 times a day and get the luxury off viewing their thought provoking graffiti on a regular basis. Here are what the fine walls of C-Building have to say. (Warning: may contain foul language.)

graffiti 2 “ICP rocks”

“no     they fucking suck”

Valid point.

graffiti 3

Someone had written, “ICP rulez” (with a z to make it cooler). “rulez” was scratched out and so it was changed to “ICP IS ASS". I’m not sure what that means but I whole-heartedly agree. Then someone else felt it necessary to add “wwhoop whoop”.  I would like to know what the extra w is for in the first whoop, because then I would really understand what they are trying to say.

 graffiti I discovered I have the great honor of using the same bathroom as the Newark High Debate Team.

“Fuck ICP!”

“good Answer” (Aren’t you supposed to defend ICP here?)

“fuck you then”

If political debates were like this, I would watch them all.

e.g. “I support gay marriage.” “Fuck you then.” “Damn.”


Once a week I give my students a journal prompt as their bell work so they can write something. They usually have more fun with it because it is a fun prompt and because it doesn’t always involve math. I have more fun with it because it is more fun to see what goes through students heads than to analyze student math work.

The following are response to a prompt that said:

“You go to the store. Someone pushes you and yells, “MATH SUCKS!” You immediately…

math sucks 3

“Call up the math mob leader Mr. Haren and tell him what happened then I throw a can of broccoli at them.”

Yes, that’s right. I am the math mob leader and don’t you ever forget it.

math sucks 2 So, this student is awesome.

 math sucks 4

“I woud say woa man…easy. I gonna call up the math club and we will jump you.”

I have a feeling that when I start up an actual math club, these students are going to be sadly disappointed.

 math sucks “find a bag of red onions and peel them. Then I would throw them at that person so they would cry. I would shame them and spill kerosene everywhere with a lit match in my hand. Before the store combusts, I would run away and steal another bag of red onions and escape to my house.”

This is an example of when I don’t want to know what students are thinking. The peeling so they’ll cry is pretty elaborate. And this student has an odd fascination with red onions.


Another prompt told the students that tomorrow they would be sent to a deserted island indefinitely. They don’t know what will be there already but they are allowed to bring three items. Many of my students would die within a few days based on their choices. Some are clever.

survival 2

Many of my students listed cell phone. I told them afterward that their battery would die, they wouldn’t have electricity and they probably wouldn’t have service. At least this student said wireless router.

 survival 3I also got many spellings of yacht. Yaght, yahgt, yahct, yaht. I am pretty shocked by the “plain”. Seriously. This is one of my enriched students. Out of the three words they chose, they spell yacht correctly, wow. Also, do they really need all three of these to get home? This is overkill.

survival 4Food. Now a student is thinking. Though I did say three items, so they would get to bring one item of food, which is hardly worth it. Wood and leaves? Really? My students are crazy.

survival 5Again with the cell phone. Worthless. The knife is a good call. I am very impressed by the microchip, very clever.


This is a real survivor. I bet they watch Man vs. Wild. Though they should probably bring a flint instead of a lighter.


And now for some random stuff.

photo 1 (6)“What strategies did you use…?”

“I used the stare-at-the-problem-till-I-thought-of-something method.”

This is a method that not enough students use.

photo 1 photo 2

These are pictures a student drew on their poster for English class.

“Imma crazy fish, and Imma eat you.”

“Imma dinosaur, rawr.”

“Imma Racecar, grrr.”

photo 2 (6)

A carnivorous snail.

  photo 4 (6)A teacher taking over a student’s brain.

photo 5 (4)

I was told this is an emo Mario.


That’s all for now folks. Hopefully you enjoyed the long post. I will try to post again around Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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