Friday, June 4, 2010

Student Drawings Vol. 9

Today is the first day of summer, which means I will not have new pictures until August. This batch of pictures is the last of what I got for this school year. Enjoy.

photo 2

Apparently this student was interrupted before he could add massive breasts to this ogre of a woman.

photo 4 This was a game called “Revenge of the Count”, a student cleverly renamed the game. I’m not sure why they pluralized the last word.

photo 5I don’t understand what “Blood CK” means.

photoThis guy is cool with some crazy-squiggly legs.

photo (1)Something makes me think that whoever wrote this is NOT 100% hood.

photo 2 (1) This graffiti made me realize for the first time ever that WTF is FTW backwards. Did anyone else realize this? It’s a life-changing discovery.

photo 2I am sure this is in response to my “Fruit Explosion” air freshener in my room.

photo 3

I like this. Maybe I will use it in an argument someday.

photo 4 I do not know Spongebob very well but this face makes me think of him.

photo 5I would have rather had this student graph what they were supposed to be graphing but the picture is nice nonetheless. Plus, no nose.

photoI hope you all have a wonderful summer whether you have to work or not. Enjoy the weather and I will post again next school year.

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