Thursday, March 11, 2010

Student Drawings Vol. 5

Here are a few entries. Enjoy.

This boy his missing his right arm, has a tentacle for his left and apparently has a weird eyelid on his left eye. Life is rough.
photo 2 (1)Luckily the dinosaur chasing me appears to only be a T-Rex, and as we all know, the T-Rex is overrated. Now if it was an Allosaurus, I’d be worried.
photo 2 It’s a meeeee Mario! (and Luigi! Stop stealing the spotlight bro.)
Little known fact, according to the Live Action Super Mario Bros movie Mario and Luigi’s last name is Mario. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.
photo 3 A student was able to sum up the entirety of French culture in one small doodle of the Eiffel tower with a moustache and a beret.
photo “This is why 6 is afraid of 7”. I love it. Though, now that I think about it, it looks like 7 is walking backwards.

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