Sunday, February 21, 2010

Student Drawings Vol. 1

I have been gathering student drawings for the past several months. These drawings appear on tests, homeworks, desks, whiteboards, chalkboards, etc. I don't necessarily condone these doodles, but they are very talented and interesting nonetheless. This first post will have several drawings and I will try to keep the site updated as I discover more.

Portrait of me. Honestly, it is pretty accurate.

Another portrait of me. Much more flattering. Much less realistic.

A talented graffito of my name.

I have no idea. But the man has a point.
A nice and friendly wildcat. With very threatening claws.

An elf.

A pretty realistic portrait of another teacher.

I think this is a dinosaur.

I think this man is breathing fire onto the test question.

It is not.

A crying, tentacled-creature.

Drawn the other day by a student hoping for spring.

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  1. Awesome :) I love the "Math is Wack" "It is not" one best, I think.