Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Student Drawings Vol. 18 – The Harengers!

Hello all! Welcome back to another school year. This has been a very busy year so far but I have gathered a pretty good collection of drawings. Enjoy.

I had students fill out some note cards about themselves.

photo 2 (5)

I had three cards that commented on my beard. And then I shaved it two days later.

photo 3 (6)It makes me feel gross knowing that I have sophomores who read 50 Shades of Grey

A seahorse drawing competition:

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5  

All 5 of these are pretty decent. The bottom left one is probably the most accurate. I don’t know what animal is in the top right but I want one.

photo 1 (1) Haven’t we all just wanted to dance some ballet on top of a stack of pancakes while orange juice pours around our feet? Not without a weird guy yelling at you from behind some clouds and a mini man climbing a ladder, you say? I wouldn’t dream of leaving out a fish and the fact that this is all underwater. A dream come true.

photo 1 (2) Just when you thought the last picture started to get creepy, this weirdo smiles at you.

photo 1 (3)Rawr! + flower + Beat it + Michael Jackson = Dinosaur. It’s science.

photo 1 (5) What is Hulk smashing? It looks like he’s just constipated.

photo 1 (6) I’m hoping that “colledge” is not a typo and that this person is just cool. They want to put the “edge” in college.

photo 2 (1)If Obama wants more votes, he should incorporate Zombiebear into his campain. Also, that zombiebear has man-feet.

photo 2 (2) This spider caught a couple of apostrophes. They show that he owns them. Because they’re apostrophes. And apostrophes signify possession in English grammar. Get it? Hilarious.

photo 2 (4) Nothing funny about this. Just a very nice drawing.

 photo 3 (2) Brown sticks?!?! Well I never! Wait a minute. Oatmeal? Nevermind, we’re cool.

photo 3 (3) An equilateral triangle turned into a bear.

photo 3 (5) This woman looks stitched together and it kind of creeps me out. If you were to just pull one thread, she would fall into dozens of pieces.

photo 4 (1) I wish I could assign homework in class like this.

“What problems do we have to do Haren?”

“Evens mofo!” Drops mic, walks out of the room.

photo 4 (2) This is the same person who wrote the note about oatmeal above. They are great at drawing in the reader with negativity and then springing food on them.

“Imma beat you” – Okay, let’s see where this is going.

“goldfish crackers” – Whaaaaaat? I’m not even mad. It’s like M Night Shyalaman directed that story.

photo 4 (3) Oh lord.

photo 4 (5)Married couple. This would be the sort of couple that asks you over for dinner and sits silently as you eat. The wife offers you pie and you politely decline. Then her eyes go all spirally and you are never heard from again. Moral of the story: always say yes to pie.

photo 5 (1) Thanks Vinnie. I’ll never forget this.

photo 5 (2) I saw this and thought to myself, has anyone else on twitter used #geniousstatus before. Turns out two people have in the past week. One of them stated they earned 30/60 on a test. Genious [sic] indeed. (This was from an AP student.)

photo 5 (5) “Sporty Spice”

This is the first note I intercepted this year. Usually I don’t get too excited about notes because they are typically dumb. When I took this one from a student, he turned BRIGHT RED and was very embarrassed. I left the note folded up and did not read it until after class. I was kind of excited because I thought it would be something interesting. NOPE. Turns out all it says is “Sporty Spice”. Big let down.



If you are not fluent in ERMAHGERD speak, that means Calculus. It also means you should click the link and read the hilarious memes.

And finally the best pictures of all. I had a student draw a “Haren” version of each of the Avengers.

photo 1 (4) The picture here is kind of lame but I’m more of a fan of the names. HARULK SMASH!

photo 2 (3) This picture is much better. Tharen sounds pretty dumb though.

photo 3 (4) I think it should be HaronMan. And I think people should refer to me as HaronMan from now on.

photo 5 (4)

Scratch that. From now on, refer to me as Captain.

photo 4 (4) 

My vote was for The Harevengers but Harengers won out. Coming to a theater near no one.

That’s all folks. Enjoy the fall weather.


  1. Very funny. I laughed out loud several times.

  2. So, next time you come over for dinner, we'll offer you pie. Just to see if you learned your lesson. Good stuff. I also like that the triangle turned bear is also an anarchy sign.